Plant & Create a Succulent Garden


Fairy Garden Kits

Fairy Garden Kits

Fairy Garden Kits

Over 8,000 customers have created a Fairy Garden with our kits.   

 95% of customers make their FIRST ever fairy garden with us because it's a complete kit with everything included! 

A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden

that tells a story through the landscape created. Complete with plants, accessories and a tiny landscape created and tended with love. 


Terrarium Kits

Fairy Garden Kits

Fairy Garden Kits

Succulent Terrariums with moss and gravel in a 4 or 6 inch glass bubble vase.

Our Succulents are low maintenance plants and actually only need watered 1 time a month! it's actually good to forget to water them!

These are great kits for individuals who like to craft but never made a terrarium before. 


Zen Garden Kits

Fairy Garden Kits

Zen Garden Kits

Zen Gardens are a great accessory for your desk or office. 

Play in the sand and create designs in the sand with a wooden Zen rake to destress and meditate.  

Very popular gift item for Adults!

American Lung Association


Join us June 17th at 4:00 pm for a Zoom event to plant a Turquoise Take Over Terrarium.

A portion of sales get donated to your American Lung Association office of choice at check out. 


What is included in a Party'n With Plants Kit? 

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