About Us


Our kits are more than just a fun craft activity, they're a magical moment to keep and enjoy for a long time.

Creating a miniature landscape is a great way bond and teach your kits about caring for plants. Or have a craft night with  friends to plant and socialize. 


How the journey began..

Nicole, Founder & CEO, in 2016 set out to recreate the old traditional fairy garden into a new fun experience for kids and adults.

In 2019 a new product line of Play Dough Kits was launched to spark creativity in kids. To keep our love for plants alive we've included fake plants in our Play Dough kits. 

 Nicole's mission is to develop products that are affordable, fun to create and most importantly easy to care for. 

Party'n With Plants is based in Ohio. 


Growing and Creating Memories That Last

Party'n With Plants ships kits to all 50 States and Canada. We take pride in being the only company to ship dirt and real succulents with all our kits! 

Surprise someone special with a unique gift or host your own plant party with our kits.

Let's Party With Plants!

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Trouble keeping plants alive? No problem!

We only use succulents which are low maintence plants

 Succulents are one of the easiest plants to grow.  They require minimum care and only your own magical love!  Place one ice cube 1-2 times a month next to each succulent and your garden will last and last…the Fairies will do the rest.  

Are you in Ohio?

Attend a Upcoming Public Event or Host a Private Party. 

Birthday Parties  ~  Fundraisers  ~  Corporate Team Building

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